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Basic Income

We strongly support the concept of Basic Income (BI), combined with incentives to encourage people to produce and contribute.

A Basic Income aims to provide life's necessities: Clean water, healthy food, and basic shelter.

This, in turn, prevents people from becoming desperate, and perhaps resorting to violence or theft for survival (as was common in the past, and is still relatively common today in some parts of the world).

Additional Earnings

There should be strong incentives in place for people to generate Additional Earnings (AE).

Additional Earnings are needed for luxuries and "nice-to-haves", such as entertainment, upgraded shelter, travelling and other experiences.

Controlling spending

A question arises from the notion of Basic Income and Additional Earnings: How can you separate the two?

Some may ask, "What if someone spends all of their Basic Income money on crack, lives on the street, and starves?"

As stated under Policy/Society, everyone has the opportunity to choose for themselves.

Choices can be influenced via taxes, education, and health care (especially mental health care, such as counselling and support groups), but the ultimate decision remains the responsibility of the individual.

Taxes and Tarifs

Taxes and tarifs should be used to encourage behaviour that is beneficial and discourage behaviour that is detrimental. (See Policy/Society and Policy/Environment)

They can be applied to organizations and/or individuals.

For example, the sale of fresh vegetables could be taxed at 0% to encourage consumption, whereas sugar candy might be taxed higher, to limit consumption. People are still free to choose between vegetables and sugar candy, but the costs and benefits are set up in such a way to encourage personal well-being, and minimize external costs.

Revenue from taxes and tarifs is put into the general budget to be used to provide basic services such as healthcare.


We recognize all major world currencies, but give preference to the most traded currencies.

We also give special preference to Bitcoin and other upcoming digital currencies, although they are still under development.

The Lean Party aims to spread its assets over several different currencies to minimize exchange rate risk, and encourages its members to do the same.