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Peace and Self-Defense

We believe in peaceful discussion to resolve conflicts. We also believe in being prepared for those who might try to preempt negotiations using violence. Therefore, we do believe in training, equipment, and preparedness for Self-defense.


We believe the Canadian model of firearms ownership provides a good balance of freedom vs. oversight. The Swiss model is another example that seems to work well. The US model of firearms ownership has many problems, and should generally be avoided.

Owning a deadly weapon should be a privilege, not a "right".

Overall, we think that responsible citizens should have access to weapons, as long as they are well-trained, the weapons are secured appropriately, and there is no substantial risk of them using the weapons to harm themselves or others.


Digital attacks are increasing in frequency, and become more of a threat as we become more dependent on computers and software. We support strong education in computer security to defend valuable digital assets.