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Minimum Viable Laws

We believe in the KISS principle, and generally:

  1. Don't create rules that aren't strictly necessary
  2. Promptly remove old/obsolete rules
  3. Regularly review rules for consistency and validity


Life can be viewed as a bit of a game, and every game has rules.

However, we believe these rules should be transparent and fair to everyone.

Physical Property

Physical property can have shared ownership, or belong to an individual or an organization.

Ownership is tracked in public records, with appropriate digital security measures to prevent theft or tampering of the information (perhaps using blockchain technology).

Physical ownership is enforced via two methods:

  1. The individual or organization is responsible for providing sufficient security to make their property "reasonable difficult" to steal
  2. The government can investigate claims of theft, and apply fines and penalties

Intellectual Property

We do not believe in the concept of Intellectual Property.

Thoughts and ideas can be kept private, or broadcasted, but once they become public, no special protection is provided.

This is necessary to support our Education policy.


Everyone is entitled to privacy, but individuals and organizations are solely responsible for keeping their information private.

No special protection is offered if something that was intended to be private becomes public.


We are strongly anti-censorship.


We do not believe in prohibitionism in any form.

We encourage beneficial behaviour and discourage detrimental behaviour, but let people make their own choices.


Organizations are legal entities comprised of multiple individuals with similar goals.

There is no legal distinction between for-profit organizations (such as a corporation) and not-for-profit organizations (such as a charity).

Organizations have very limited rights compared to individuals. They cannot vote or directly influence policy.

Name registry

Despite the lack of intellectual property laws, there is still a need for some sort of official name registry for companies, products, etc., similar to Trademarks.

The best, most effective way to implement this probably involves some type of blockchain technology.